Money is a matter to use in our daily life. We can buy whatever we want thanks to money. Therefore we have to earn money to be able to continue life. For this reason money is one of the most important thing to make real something in my life. However, for what?

Earning money is not a purpose in life. Life purpose is adding value and awareness to our country and our public depending on abilities and what you can in my opinion. To explain more clear, people, who want to create awareness, have to expand their abilities and their capacity of information based on their areas to be able to create awareness by studying on whatever their areas. These areas may be engineearing, teaching and anything. Areas are not significant, significant thing is that being able to add something to these area. For instance, a teacher who wants to give his or her students a method to motivate them to learn language or anything, have to be aware what is the way for this purpose. She or he have to learn this way to teach his or her students in a basic way. Money is becoming a significant intermediately to take courses or lectures or teacing methods. In addition, after this stage, these students also have to use money to make real their desires whatever they want. Because becoming motivated by a teacher or anyone is not adequate to make real these desires and purposes. Whatever these purposes, perhaps going abroad or take courses, lectures to improve their ability and information capacity on their areas. All these desires and purposes also needs to money. To give more clear ecplaining, I have to ask what would happen, if money becomes a life purpose?

For earning money, everyone could find any method in a basic way. But most of this kind of people, could not add value and create awareness to their area, people around them and as a result their country. They would live only for themselves and make bigger budget. They would not want to help students as our example teacher.

Summarisely, money should stay as an intermediary to make real our purposes and create awareness depend on your ability and your interests. After all, I want to add a word which is a awesome summarise to undertand this paraph: ‘‘Money is a good servant, but a bad sir.’’ Do not let money to govern your life, you govern it to use.

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  1. Dicle demirsoy 3 yıl ago

    Süpersiniz hocam iyiki varsınız 🙂

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